Best Paintball Guns Under $300

Are you a paintball player on a budget? Have no fear! There are plenty of great paintball guns out there, that won’t break the bank. In this blog post, I will take a look at some of the best paintball guns under $300. Hence, whether you’re just starting out or you’re on a tight budget, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, I will talk about my hands on experience of these 9 paintball markers, that you could get under $300. I will be talking about their detailed review including my hands on experience, pros and cons, which game type the marker is best suitable for and the video reviews. Moreover, We have also talked about our detailed buying guide for the paintballs which you can checkout.

Now that you have decided to get a marker of your own, there are few things you need to consider when purchasing a marker:

  • Budget – How much you’re going to spend for purchasing a gun and how much you need to cover an HPA tank and/or hopper?
  • Your preferred style – Are you going to play woodsball, speedball or mix of two ?
  • Weight – Do you need something that’s lightweight and easy to carry around?
  • The brand – There are many different brands of paintball guns available, so you’ll want to choose one that you trust.
  • Customization – Can you customise it further according to your needs, later on when you will be having budget?
  • Durability – How durable is the marker to survive in the weather condition and game types you are going to play in.

Quick Summary

Best for SmoothnessPlanet Eclipse EMEK 100

Equipped with a spool valve, the best mechanical paintball marker having the features like Gamma core engine, quick cleaning options, changeable grips and smooth locking feed-neck. Moreover, its easy to maintain, accurate and quiet while shooting

Best for CustomizationTippmann Stormer Elite

“One of the most reliable and highly customizable marker. It has picatinny rails throughout the body to let you customize it according to your need. One of the finest military-style paintball gun under $300 that offers smooth performance and reliability”

Best for Rapid fireTippmann TMC Magfed

“This rapid-fire marker offers great performance both as a hopper and a magazine fed. Another good feature is the rubber grip that make its holding comfortable.”

Best mag-fed gunValken M17 Magfed

“One of the most reliable marker for its price group. It has phenomenal accuracy and also strong build and easy maintenance.”

Best woodsball gun for beginnersTippmann A-5

“Best seller and an excellent marker for woodsball. The cyclone feed gives the excellent rapid fire. Popular among many players because of its high accuracy and strong build. Addition of E trigger system will give you full auto rapid firing.”

Best CompactnessHK Army SABR

“SABR is a fine compact marker made up of high-quality aluminium. It offers significant performance with unique features like auto cocker thread barrel, secure clamping feed neck, hose less design and 12-inch barrel. A best choice for most entry level players.”

Best for its designAzodin Blitz 4

“From structure to functionality, it is quite good in every aspect. Blitz 4 has a quality build and offers extreme performance. It offers immense performance shots and high-end features like Scythe style trigger, quick release bolt, metal feed neck and compact regulator to boost its performance.”

Best for ReliabilityTippmann 98 Custom

“Best for beginners-because of the durability it offers. Minimal maintenance, easy upgradation and flexible metal body makes this marker a first choice among many new players. Basic yet efficient! “

Cheapest Paintball gunSpyder Victor Gun

“Suitable choice for first time players because of low price and easy maintenance. Its lightweight and have a grip panel that nicely fits to your hands to give a comfortable hold. The barrel length, fore grips and valve system are features that make it worth buying. “

Best for beginnersUS Army Alpha Elite

“Solid gun of aluminium body having the weight like real gun. A good purchase for new players because of the accuracy, durability and customization it offers. Tippmann US Army Alpha Black Elite has an appealing look with nice firing rate.”

1. Planet Eclipse EMEK 100

Planet Eclipse Emek Review

First one in the list of best paintballs markers under $300 (recent price hike), is the mechanical beauty Planet Eclipse Emek 100.

Emek was first introduced at $220, which was an ideal price for any beginner looking to start the game. However, after 2021 after the inflation the EMEK went up to $295. But this is so far the best marker for beginner and is also famous among Pros.

This model doesn’t have the auto switch on/off button,  LCD display or other high-end marker features. Yet, it performs with equally likely performance as that of other expensive markers – shoots quality, paint handling and reliability. You may ask- How?

The answer is Emek 100 is equipped with a Gamma Core engine, the same one used by PE for its Gtek series. The Gamma core is super smooth, efficient and strikes accurately on the field. I tested my Emek 100 on the battle field for 8 times and it didn’t miss a single shot.

For just under $300 you are going to avail yourself of the exact core as used by the Gtek series, what else we could possibly want?  Inside the box, you will find a barrel plug, 20 round Magazine (squarehead), flip-up sights, polymer CQC shroud and M17 A2 Marker. 

This marker has quick access opening outside on both sides (DefTek offset feed) to change the ball detents. Just in case you break any paint, open this small opening with the help of Allen keys and clean the mess. 

Grips! On the backside of the gun, you can find a little divot that can be pulled out. This divot allows you to change the grips. Once you press the button the grips will pop up and you can change it with any of your favorite colors. I like the classic black grips but you can go for whatever color you like. 

Another exciting feature about the Planet eclipse guns is that they provide a rebuild kit including the 0-rings, ball detents, screws and more. It is known as a PE spare bag for any part you need. Anyhow, the parts of PE guns don’t break easily. 

According to the our team’s feedback reports, they really enjoyed its shooting capabilities and range. They claim that it can shoot accurately up the range of 100 feet. Some paintball players also adore its 10-inch long barrel with Autococker threads. They found that there is less paint chopping maintenance. 

I personally found it a little bit loud with a 10-inch barrel. Later I replaced it with a 12-inches long barrel, there was a great difference in sound. You can check out our detailed review of Planet Eclipse EMEK.

Emek 100 is a mechanical marker so you don’t need batteries. It shoots simply amazing and is easy to use by switching between the fire and safe modes. The feedback has a flawless locking lever to securely hold the hopper. 

Bottom line, this marker has exceptional features including a Gamma core engine, quick cleaning options, changeable grips, smooth locking feedneck and much more. So, Grab this model and boost your performance on the paintball field.

  • 135 psi operating pressure
  • 10-inches long Barrel 
  • Compatible with Compressed air only
  • Gamma Core Drivetrain
  • Low maintenance cost 
  • Weather Resistant
  • Super smooth shot quality 
  • Customizable grips and barrel
  • Moderate sound (A little loud)
  • Need tools for paint cleaning (Allen keys provided in the pack)
Best Under 300 Planet Eclipse Emek
Emek 100 Grip
PE Emek 100 trigger
By ModernIntel

2. Tippmann Stormer Elite

The key reasons why one should invest in Tippmann stormer is its  flexibility in design, wide length body and comfort to best fit the user requirement. And on top of that it’s a cheap paintball marker under $300.

Similar to the Tippmann TMC Magfed, this gun has a dual feed system. First one is traditional hopper for paintballs and the second one is MagFed. You can use the dummy mag while the hopper is functional. You can easily switch these two modes. 

Inside the box, you can find a barrel cover, squeegee, Allen keys, and grease oil. In addition to this, the pack includes two 20-round magazines and other parts for the loader to magazine conversion.  

The entire body of the gun has a number of Picatinny rails to put anything like LED, scopes, flashlight, red dots or more.  Not only on the front shroud or back but there are also more Picatinny rails even below the front grip that add versatility to this model.  The front grips can be moved forward or backwards depending upon the user arm length.

The front shroud can also come out by simply pressing a button. So, you can slide it out for changing the barrel or can use it without a front shroud as well. The barrel is simply 98 custom threads that are easy to screw inside. 

That’s not all! The gun has a 6-points adjustable butt stock that lets you customize it according to your arm length. Lock the button on your desired spot and start playing.  The user can make changes according to their preference. The bolt valve and hammer system are pretty much the same as that of Tippmann 98 Custom. 

One more thing, if the price still costs you, then there is another model Stormer Tactical, this model has the same features as that of the elite one except for dual feed. There is no magazine so you need to rely on the hopper only. If you can increase your budget a little more, then I recommend you to invest in the Tippmann TMC model as it has dual feed capacity and durability. It has a metal shell instead of a plastic polymer. 

I found this marker a combination of Tippmann 98 Custom and Tactical Edition with some advanced features. The gun has rear and front sights to collapse or flip them up and flip-down. It is fun to play with these little options to change the look and feel of the gun. 

Let’s wind it up! Similar to other Tippmann’s models, this military-style gun has a high impact body, exceptional barrel, A5 barrel thread, In-line bolt system, internal gas line and much more. It delivers performance and smooth shoot quality. 

  • Flip-up Front & Rear Sights
  • 6-points Collapsible  Stock 
  • Picatinny rails  for customization 
  • 20 Round Paintball Magazines & Loader 
  • Exceptional Shooting Accuracy
  • Easy to switch between hopper and Magfed
  • Multiple customization options 
  • Reliable in-line bolt system 
  • Inline Gas line 
  • Plastic Polymer contraction, not metal 
  • Moderate performance with  C02
  • Little bit heavy 
Unboxing Tippmann Stormer Elite Review

3. Tippmann TMC Magfed

Tippmann TMC has a dual feed option, one is a traditional hopper loader and the second one is MagFed. The pack includes the two 20 round (spring-driven) magazines that’s an awesome replacement for heavy hoppers on the traditional guns. 

This military-style marker design adds great convenience for the players. In addition to this, the gun has a dummy mag as well to use the traditional hopper feed option. You can get a great edge on your opponent’s team by choosing the right mode depending upon your match. 

The attraction doesn’t end here, the gun follows the real military gun aesthetic just like the AR-15 rifle. The model delivers a high level of accuracy and shooting quality. You will surely enjoy its lightweight design when you move around the paintball field with ease and comfort. The manufacturing quality is really impressive!

The limitation lies in its high operating pressure of about 800 psi, this makes it a little bit loud and produces a kickback while shooting. 

Tippmann ensures the quality built throughout its paintball guns that is why their guns last for years. Similar to A-5, this gun has sturdy construction and is resistant to scratches or breakage. The internal components including trigger, frame, and gears are made up of metal, whereas the remaining parts are made of top-notch quality polymer.

Similar to the competitor’s models, the TMC is highly customizable. You can make multiple changes with this gun like upgrading or changing the stock barrel, trigger or grips. It has Picatinny rails to attach the crazy stuff including lasers, flashlight or more to the front of the barrel. 

The customer’s feedback reports indicate that they found the 12-inch barrel, moulded rubber grips, and 20 round spring magazines as great features of this model. However, this gun can’t be used for the first strike rounds as it works with round balls only.  Users adore the flexibility in designs, therefore, they use it as an intermediate-level marker. 

Wrapping up, this rapid-fire gun performed exceptionally well in our test and didn’t miss a single strike. Its a good option for a paintball under $300, which will surely value your money and improve your game

  • 20-round spring driven magazines
  • Adjustable front and rear sights
  • Dual Feed option 
  • 1-year manufacturing warranty 
  • Versatile design for magazines or hopper
  • Customizable with additional accessories
  • Rapid-fire, User-friendly trigger 
  • Lightweight and sturdy construction 
  • Chances of internal leaking 
  • Jamming issues after long use 
  • Sights are not height adjustable
Credits: Tipmman TMC Magfed review PB Nation
cheap paintball markers TMC magfed

4. Valken M17 Magfed

Recently, the usage of Magfed paintball guns increased due to their tactical game style, compact body and reduced cost. Not one jam during our test, shot right always hit the target – Yep That’s Valken M17 for you. I adore this model due to its unique design, compact body and accurate shot quality. 

Unlike traditional paintball guns, this model has a tank right at the buttstock. It is well-adjusted with the body of the gun via tank cover. However, you can use the larger air tank as well if you need it. In that case, the tank cover will not get fit.

The heavy-duty marker accepts both .68 caliber ammo and FSR making it versatile to use for multiple game scenarios. The fan of the military-style guns will love this model and its offered features. It is an incredibly realistic paintball gun due to its outward aesthetics.  

Inside the box, you will find a barrel plug,  20 round Magazine (squarehead), flip-up sights, polymer CQC shroud and M17 A2 Marker. 

In contrast to the Tippmann Stormer Elite or Tippmann TMC Magfed, this model doesn’t contain the dummy mag. I personally like dummy mag as it adds the convenience to play while using a hopper.  The pack doesn’t include the hopper neck feed and AR15 style bolt handle

That’s not all! The gun has two modes: semi-automatic and full-auto. There is a rolling switch to move between these modes. It can hold 18 round magazines that can be easily accessed by the user for reloading during the game. 

A limitation I found in this model is its time-consuming paint cleaning process. The 2-pin construction takes a few minutes to strip down in the field. As it needs a tool and careful handling to open the valve system and attach it again. Moreover, the barrel is quite small in length. I changed the barrel and then things got better. It improves its shoot quality and makes it less loud. 

Our test showed that Valken M17 produces a little kickback while shooting due to its mechanical firing system. It’s sometimes a bit uncomfortable for rapid-fire game strategy. But with time, I got used to it.

Wrapping up, the M17 is a reliable, time-tested and efficient paintball gun. It has a quality build, top-notch performance and an affordable price tag. This gun is easy to maintain, adjustable, and has accessories for your next paintball tournament. Note: After the recent price hikes, the price of Valken has been slightly increased than $300.

  • Mechanical firing system
  • Quick Magazine release and Refill
  • Auto and Semi-auto modes
  • Accessory rails for lights, and laser
  • Consistent and accurate shoots
  • Durable
  • Rugged, military-style aesthetics
  • Flawless switch to change the auto to semi-auto mode
  • The barrel length is short 
  • Produce kickback 
  • Little bit loud
valken m17 Magfed review
Valken m17 Magfed
By ModernIntel

5. Tippmann A-5

tippmann a5

This model was launched in 2002, after 20 years still maintaining its demand in the market. The reason for its popularity is its versatility, accuracy and reliability. 

Quality build! The entire body of the gun is composed of die-cast aluminum which enables it to face the sudden fall, hit or blows without any damage to its internal parts. Moreover, this material is resistant to corrosion and rust, therefore, suitable for all weather conditions. 

I adore its top-notch quality material and skilful craftsmanship, but it weighs 3.5 lbs, which i think is slightly heavy to hold for long hours. After assembling the tank and other accessories the weight goes to 6 lbs. If you go for some customization options then it may go up further. 

The attraction doesn’t end yet, Tippmann gives special attention to its range and shoot quality as these features are the major concern for every player. It has an 8.5 inches long barrel that is highly accurate and hits precisely up to 150 + feet. 

Rapid Fire! The patent cyclone feed system connects the feeder to the air system and enables it to shoot the fireballs as fast as your finger can press the trigger. You can shoot 15 to 17 balls per second! Furthermore, it reduces the jamming or chopping off paintballs inside the barrel. A5 can hold more than 200 paintballs inside the stock hopper. 

Toolless assembly under $300 is the most difficult feature to find yet!  Tippmann A-5 can be assembled or disassembled in a matter of minutes without any tools.  Moreover, the 2-pin strip-down design lets you clean and maintain your gun easily. 

Although the gun doesn’t require much cleaning or maintenance. Still, I would recommend you lubricate your marker once a day to improve its performance and increase the life span

Wrapping up, A-5 is one of the best-selling and most-demanding markers by the Tippmann brand. It has gained popularity due to its versatile performance in every paintball game format as well as its reliability. The brand has set a benchmark for its competitors for high accuracy and range in Paintball guns. 

  • Cyclone Feed System 15 balls per second
  • External selector to switch from safe to fire mode
  • Comfortable to hold via large grip
  • Easy to customize & upgrade
  • Versatile design for magazines or hopper
  • Customizable with additional accessories
  • Rapid-fire, User-friendly trigger 
  • Lightweight and sturdy construction 
  • Chances of internal leaking 
  • Jamming issues after long use 
  • Sights are not height adjustable
Tippman A5 Review

6. HK Army SABR

Review of HK Army Sabr

HK Army SABR, an entry-level gun with extensive features to be used upto the intermediate level, was launched in August 2021. Available in different colors including purple, black, blue, silver and grey! This compact marker has surely improved the game of many beginners players on the field.

Inside the box

You will get a plastic cover including the barrel cover, Allen keys to adjust the velocity settings and O-rings. This mini tool kit helps you to make adjustments to your gun. The good part about this marker’s box is that it contains a complete pamphlet to guide the user how to use it or troubleshoot your gun.

I have never found such a user manual in any other gun under $300. In addition to this, it contains the full semantics of the gun printed inside the box along with quick tips and stats about the gun. I found this information very helpful as it let me know each and everything about my bad boy in a go!

Exclusive Barrel

Autococker thread barrel has become a standard for the high-end paintball gun. HK Army SABR offers this feature for just under $300. Maybe I‘m wrong, but I didn’t find any entry-level gun with an Autococker thread barrel at this price tag yet. This 12-inch barrel is quite easy to replace and find in the market. It works really great. 

Secure Feedneck

The feedneck has a screw to make adjustments and fit the hopper of any size including a bigger, or smaller one. It will not fall off as it screws the hopper tightly. You can use the gravity-fed loader or another expensive one. It let you clamp the hopper tight and keep it on-place 

Easy to Maintain and Clean 

SABR has a Delrin bolt that has a quick-release mechanism via pin. Pull the pin upwards and side the bot out to clean or maintain it. This is a self-lubricating bolt, unlike those conventional bolts that need to be lubricated frequently. I found cleaning just like a breeze during my game.

Hoseless Design: 

The reason I entitled it as the best compact paintball gun under $300 is due to its hoseless design.  You will not find any sort of steel braided wire as this model has internal connectivity. The concept is the hose runs through the grip and the front chamber. There is nothing in your way, you can hold this compact gun with precise grip and comfort. 

 Velocity Adjustment Feature: 

You can use the Allen wrenches to adjust the velocity of your gun. The gun has a + and minus sign on the backside of the bolt. Just open it and make the necessary adjustments that best meet your needs. 

A few limitations I found from my analysis is that the barrel has a 0.92 size bore that is a bit large. Secondly, it strikes only 550 to 600 shots and it is not a great option to choose for long hours of gameplay that require 800 to 1000 shots.

Bottom Line, If you look around at the entry-level guns, then this model is a great option that offers unique features including an Autococker thread barrel, secure clamping feedneck, hoseless design, user manual and instructions. A good gun that performs great for beginners. 

  • Delrin Bolt – Quick Release Mechanism 
  • 12-inches long barrel 
  • Works with both HPA and CO2
  • Patent internal gas linking 
  • Adjustable clamping feed neck secures loader
  • Simple design Mechanical operation 
  • Advance Autococker threaded barrel
  • Comfortable frame and grips 
  • Compatible with all sizes of hoppers
  • Produces a little kickback 
  • Large barrel bore
HR army sabr marker
Review HK army sabr

7. Azodin Blitz 4

Azodin blitz under 300 marker

It is not an electronic gun, yet,  it is a reliable mechanical gun. Blitz 4 has sturdy, durable and all-metal construction that delivers performance in the paintball tournaments.

After getting my hands over this model and comparing the Blitz 4 with its competitors, I find the Azodin’s release simply incredible in terms of its design, functionality and longevity.  

Adjustable Trigger

Blitz4 has an adjustable Scythe style trigger that is mostly used in the expensive paintball gun. By adding this feature, the Azodin adds value to the overall design of this model.  I personally like the scythe trigger instead of the blade one due to its curved shape that fits the fingers and hand naturally. It ensures better control, stable grip and a quick-firing experience. 

Quick Release Bolt System  

I used to get in situations where the paintball broke, the bolt got the most paint on it. So, it needs a quick cleaning and reinstalling the bolt quickly to be back in the game. However, Blitz 4 gets my problem solved and makes the process quite simple by installing the quick release bolt. It takes hardly 5 seconds to remove, clean, and reinstall the bolt.  It makes the gun cleaning during the games quite easy and fast! 

Colors Variations 

It is difficult to find your favorite color in paintball guns. However, this is not the case with Blitz4. You can find a variety of colors including Purple, Orange, Silver, Green, Gold, Blue and Pink. Grab the one that best defines your style and needs. 

Secured Metal Feedneck

That’s not all! This model has a secured metal feedneck that holds the hopper securely in place while playing or crawling in the playground. The electronic paintball gun models like  Empire Axe or Empire mini GS, include a composite or plastic feedneck that lacks reliability. The standard biltz4 metal feedneck is durable just like its previous model Blitz 3. You can easily tighten the feedneck screws with the help of a tool. (included in pack)

My Final thoughts, Azodin is a well-renowned paintball gun manufacturer that produces an amazing series of entry to mid-range paintball guns. Blitz 4 is a practical example of its quality build, standard procedures and skilful craftsmanship.  According to my experience,  the Azodin’s blitz4 is one of the best paintball guns to purchase for under $300.

  • 12-inch Multiphase Honed Barrel
  • Securely locked Feedneck 
  • Adjustable Regulator 
  • Compatible with both CO2 and HPA
  • Lightweight body design 
  • Flow Valve to adjust the air intake
  • Velocity adjuster 
  • Holds hopper tightly
  • Doesn’t work well with C02
Azodin blitz under 300 marker
azodin blitz cheap paintballs

8. Tippmann 98 Custom

Another one in the list of paintball markers under $300 is Tippmann 98 Custom. First of all, it offers ultimate durability. Reliable, durable, customisable, these three words would describe this marker right! It is ready to serve you in water, mud, dirt, extreme weather, falls, crawls and more. It just works incredibly and has a great tendency to resist wear and tear. 

According to the our test results by many paintballers on the field, the players claimed that they didn’t clean their Tippmann 98 for months, still, it performed like a pro. It doesn’t bring any sort of issue regarding its performance or parts.

The top-notch metal body is highly comfortable to hold and play with. You will not feel any sort of blisters or rough edges on your hands even after holding it for hours.  This solid, metal body of the Tippmann 98 custom paintball gun offers durability and gives it an upper hand over the plastic Walmart markers. 

2-year warranty! The second reason why I recommend this to newbies is due to the fact that they can claim any sort of damage, repair or defect from the company. The Tippmann company is always there to help you out.  

What’s new in this model?  It has a split receiver design that enables you to get quick access to the internal components. You can easily replace the sear,  modify the trigger,  and upgrade the grips of this model.  You can take apart this gun easily and work on your desired part either it’s a front area or back section

The attraction doesn’t end here, the Tippmann 98’s performance is perfect. The shot quality delivers the same performance as that of other mid-end makers.  It fires 8 shots in a second!  It works with both CO2 and a compressed air tank.

The only limitation of the model is that it produces the recoil or kickback when you shoot consecutively.  This may impact your rapid-fire shot session. In addition to this, some players also found the barrel length of 8-inches which is a bit small. However, you can modify the barrel length for better performance. 

Any beginner should be careful while opening or upgrading it for the first few attempts. You must keep a close eye on the pins and springs that may fall out, especially the spring in the front sight. 

Lastly, In my opinion this paintball gun offers reliability, security and flexibility. You can easily customize and upgrade the marker as per your requirements. Just put together your gun by screwing the barrel, attaching the feedneck, and putting the hopper with paintballs & a tank on the back. Get ready to play on the field & FIRE!!

  • Semi-automatic marker 
  • Upgradeable model 
  • Split receiver design 
  • Picatinny rails to add scopes or carry handle 
  • Anti-Chop Technology (ACT) – reduced paint breakage
  • Quick to access internal parts and modify 
  • Reliable and user-friendly design
  • Resistant to impact and wear 
  • Textured grips for secure holding
  • Slightly heavy as compared to other models.
cheap paintball markers for 300 tippman 98

9. Spyder Victor Gun

This classic paintball gun has been ruling in the market for the last 20+ years. The reason is due to a trustworthy brand name and a cheap price tag. 

Efficient & Versatile

Even at a low cost, it delivers high-end performance and versatile features. I found this model quite similar to the HK Army SABR in terms of offered features. Just like SABR, this gun has an internal velocity adjuster to control your shots more precisely. You will need the Allen wenches to get the job done. 

If I talk about its efficiency, it is far better than HKarmy. It has the ability to fire about 1000 shots from a tank of 20 oz. The competitor’s models are able to fire about 800 shots for a 20 oz tank.  So, it’s got an upper hand over other models. 


This gun weighs 2lbs only! It’s extremely lightweight and easy to hold a gun. The newbies can easily run in the field and shoot at the target. According to what i have analysed during my test with this marker, the front grip of it is extremely comfortable to hold and shoot. It has a grip panel that wraps perfectly around your hands. 

Quick Cleaning

Cleaning, disassembling or reassembling is just like a breeze. It will hardly take 2 to 5 minutes to remove the chopped paintballs and clean them. The Delrin Bolt is easy to pull and slide out. You can do some customization to your gun such as change the barrel or replace the adjustable screw as well.  


From my test results, here are few limitations. It lacks durability! This is a lightweight model, therefore, its frame is built up from plastic. There are chances of some wear and tear as compared to other models. 

If you could raise your budget a little bit then I suggest you go for HK Army SABR as this gun has a steel braided hose line whereas SABR has internal linking. That’s why I like the compact design by HK. 

Bottom line, If you’re just getting started with paintball with a pocket then this is a great option to choose. It is extremely easy to use, hold and maintain. The barrel length, fore grips and valve system will value your money. 

  • Air Efficient Valve system 
  • Pull pin Delrin Bolt 
  • 10-inches Barrel 
  • Steel braided Hose line 
  • No-Slip Rubber Grip
  • Air Efficient 1000 shots per 20oz. Tank
  • Reasonably Accurate shots 
  • Easy Cleaning via quick release bolt 
  • Adjustable shot firing speed
  • Not a very durable paintball gun, however okay if you’re just getting started with low budget.
  • Screws may get loose over time

10. US Army Alpha Elite

US army alpha elite test pictures

This gun has an identical inner system as the Tippmann 98 Custom including the quick-release inline bolt system, .68 caliber receiver and more. Then whats new in this model for you? It has an M16 carrying handle, front shroud, six-point adjustable stock, and outer shell

I really liked the outer appearance of this model. You can make the six-point adjustment with the stock and set the length that better defines your arm length.  I found the M16 handle very handy, as it is easy to carry and hold your gun while maneuvering.

Customization options: 

Upgradability! The best part about this entry-level gun is that you can upgrade its parts according to your needs and transform it into an intermediate level gun.  You can install an electronic trigger,  cyclone feed system, 98 response or extended barrel as well. 

To change the barrel, you can pull it out and insert a new one inside it. There are no humps or anything that the actual shroud lacks. You can change its looks by pulling off the M16 carrying handle from the top.


US army Elite marker has a US Army endorsement that we haven’t found in any of our guns under $300. You can see a big Star printed on the box as well. This model comes with a 2-years warranty to claim any sort of damage or defect. 

 Quality build: 

When it comes to paintball guns, you can find two types of material-stainless steel markers and the second one is aluminum. The aluminum made guns are more durable but weigh more as compared to stainless steel or plastic guns. The US Army Alpha is made up of aluminum material that’s robust and last long.

Final Thoughts 

My final thoughts is that Alpha Elite is a pretty cool marker with exciting look and feels. It performs just like 98 custom with good shoot quality and paint handling. It produces a moderate sound and kickback force when it hits. I loved that the gun offers great customization options to upgrade it later! 

  • Die-Cast Aluminum Build 
  • 12-inches stock barrel 
  • Upgradeable response or electronic trigger
  • 2-year warranty 
  • Picatinny rails to use laser, scopes, hand grips
  • Useful space for accessories
  • Inline bolt system 
  • Robust quality Build 
  • Weighs a bit more after customization
  • Moderate recoil 

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