Last updated on October 15th, 2023

Best paintball mask buying guide

Whether you’re a first time player or a seasoned pro, choosing the best paintball mask is critical to your success on the field. With so many different masks on the market, it can be tough to figure out which one is right for you. In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the best masks available and help you decide which one is right for you.

The three main considerations of buying a paintball mask are protection, visibility and comfort. You want a mask that provides maximum protection against impact and BBs. Not only should the mask provide good visibility to help see your opponent coming but should also be comfortable so you can wear it for hours without feeling uncomfortable. 

Following is our personal opinion, after testing the masks on the field in many tournaments. So here are 10 of the best Masks we shortlisted from our test results.

So just have a look!

Quick Summary

Best FitDye i5

“Good Choice for Big Heads and will properly cover jawline. GSR pro strap system for perfect fit and a dual-pane thermal lens system to prevent fog even in the worst conditions are the best features. “

Best High endBunkerking CMD

The best high end paintball mask with the best breathability, air flow and super comfortable. Comes with a built-in Visor  “

Best Seller & Best Anti FogDye Precision i4

“Beautifully designed while keeping in mind the comfort, efficiently absorbs moisture and sweat also has an anti-fog and a sunlight lens which are easily replaceable.”

Best for wide range of visionEmpire EVS

“Perfect for someone who has a big head and wear glasses, and the holes helps in better communication. The perfect 270-degree peripheral vision provides the best vision like no other mask.”

Best UV Protecting Lenses & best for the money.Virtue VIO Ascend

“This budget-friendly mask will provides you the comfort and breathability like high end masks also the features like quick lens change and great visibility even with the tinted glass makes it a perfect choice for intermediate players.”

Best for full head protectionJT Spectra Flex 8

“At such an affordable price its build and flexibility are unbeatable also its quite ventilated so no fogging”

Best BreathabilityEmpire E-Flex

Best breathability and ventilation with no fogging issue. Good choice even for people who wear glasses. Lets you communicate easily without deafening your ears

Best Paintball Masks in 2023

Top Mask #1

Dye Mask i5 review

Dye i5

If you’re looking for a high end mask with notable features that every enthusiastic player wishes to have then Dyei5 is surely for you.

It’s comfortable, lightweight with a great venting and built tough giving you high performance. Having a 290 degree anti fog lens makes it great for field view . We’ve gone through many different types of masks over the years, but we think this is one of the best values out there!

Let’s talk a little about its pro features

One feature that makes it unique over the other high end masks is its super GSR Pro-Strap, which is a gear lock system that helps you to keep the mask in place without causing any pressure to your neck.

Another remarkable feature is the added E-voke communication system compatibility. You can use this mask with paintball guns like Dye M2,M3 OR M3+ and can communicate through it.

Behind the foam layer on the top of the mask is a grill air vent for the hot air to escape through.They have indents for glasses so it’s not uncomfortable to wear with them on. Last but not least Dye i5 will keep you completely fog free even in hot and humid weather.

How is it better from its previous model(i4) :
  • Bigger than i4 so your jawline is properly covered.
  • Replaceable foam so you can easily replace older foam.
  • Compression foamed ears.
  • Camera mount.
  • Comfort is more or less same as with i4.
  • Highly comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Wide field view
  • Easy replaceable foam.
  • Evoke compatible system
  • Gear locked strap system for better fixing.
  • Lack of head coverage, You may wear a tactical helmet to cover this.
  • Less communication clarity.
  • Little uncomfortable as foam pushed around the side of our nose.

Top Mask #2

Bunkering king CMD high end best mask

Bunkerkings CMD

You might have followed NXL 2022, what a thrilling paintball tournament it was. Having used backpacks, pants and other goods of bunkerkings, I wanted to give a try to their Mask this time. I had VIO lenses which are interchangeable with this one. So I made the purchase.

The Bunker Kings has choosen an already established lens system. It is usually found on the Virtue mask known as VIO thermal lens tech.  Although the brand has utilized the various features from the virtue masks still it is unique in terms of its looks and feels! A high quality plastic is being used with no bending plastic. Ear straps are extremely comfortable.

Being an E-Flex and Proflex user, its hard for you to move to any other Masks. But this one didn’t disappoint me at all.

The biggest problem in most Masks is lack of proper ventilation. However, The CMD eliminates this issue and gives proper ventilation to the players. This model is equipped with 200% improved breathability via multi-directional air vents. Some other features that I really liked about this model are its ultra-wide strap, goggle bag, plush foam layer and fog-free lens.

Key Features:
  • Built-in visor
  • Ability to absorb vibrations and impact. During the test, wearing this mask i could easily run, crawl, jump and walk and this had the ability to take every shock
  • Fit jawline with skin smooth inner gives you protection during the adrenaline rush. 
  • Acoustics geometry – simply incredible! It gives you distortion-free hearing and clear communication through the mouth. 
  • The glare-reducing lens and scratch-resistant visor help you to achieve the best performance.
  • Wider than i4 and every team member said that it has better breathability.
Comparison between CMD and Dye i4, i5
  • Wider than i4 and i5. I struggled breathing in i4. But this one’s way better.
  • Having use all three, I can tell for sure that breathability and air flow is so much better in CMD.
Bunkerking cmd review
Bunkerking cmd side view
  • Replaceable foam 
  • Extra Wide Strap 
  • Integrated Visor
  • Breathability and comfort
  • Perfect Anti glaring
  • Lens come out super easy
  • Little bit bulky
  • Doesn’t help much against rain
  • Not fit for air soft (obvious though) as the holes are bigger for BB 

Top Mask #3

best paintball mask Dye Precision I4

Dye Precision i4

The Dye Precision i4 Thermal Paintball Goggle is a best seller for a reason. Not only it has outstanding features but will protect your face like no other mask could. Some of these great features include the best field of vision, distortion free clarity, fog free design, anatomically correct comfortability, breathability, protection, and lightweight design.

Either in sun or cloud, hot humid or freezing cold you can wear this paintball mask and play your best game ever. A best paintball mask must be flexible and lightweight due to the fast pace games that they must endure. This mask fits perfectly on all head sizes and shapes with its comfortable has a hard coat making it scratch resistant and to give protection from sunlight.The lens is really wide and gives a great range of vision.It also comes with a micro fiber storage bag.

Best feature we found that makes this DYE I4 of the best paintball masks is the earpieces which are greatly comfortable protecting from bangs and the venting that even speaking in normal tones can be heard easily by people out on the field.

Overall the helmet is designed to be as unobtrusive and as light and comfortable as possible. It also has an anti fog and a sunlight lens which are easily replaceable.

Best suited for:

Speedball play

  • Solid mask.
  • Variety of Lens options
  • Fits perfectly
  • Foam is soft and dries up sweat fast
  • Bit small on lower part so your chin is exposed
  • Visibility lacks a little because of the tint

Top Mask #4

Empire EVS mask

Empire EVS

Empire EVS is a brand new design on the market. The mask offers you one of the best views that you will find at any price, with its spherical lenses providing an unmatched view of your environment. This Empire paintball mask is made from some of the highest quality materials around to ensure years of painless play.

The EVS comes with all kinds of useful features that are designed to heighten your comfort while wearing, for example the triple-density foam on the inside of the mask is there to ensure that you have a tight but comfortable fit and anti-reflective lens that will protect you 100% from lethal radiations. Moreover it weighs only 2 pounds so you can’t feel something heavy on your head and the padded chin strap is a cool addition that you can remove if you feel warmth.

Two features that we liked the most are the lenses are very clear and of high quality, no fogging or anything like that even in hot humid areas. Second best feature, the grill below the Lens that keeps you breathing and talk easily. If your head is a bit large or you wear glasses then surely this is for you, it’s like an inch or two taller than the i4 and also the two piece foam has great space for your glasses so you don’t feel uncomfortable. This mask is worth its price for sure!

  • No fogging
  • Great visibility
  • Voice isn’t muffling
  • Easy disassembling and lens changing.
  • Excellent air flow
  • Good for big head
  • Widest field view
  • Big for small heads

Top Mask #5

Virtue paintball masks VIO Ascend

Virtue VIO Ascend

The Virtue VIO Ascend Thermal Paintball Masks are a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable and high-quality paintball mask. These goggles feature a thermal lens that helps to protect your eyes from UV and IR radiation, ensuring that you can play safe and comfortably all day long. Additionally, the mask’s quick-change lens system makes it easy to switch out your lenses in the event that they become scratched or damaged.

VIO Ascend Thermal Masks are also designed with ventilation ports that help to keep your face cool and comfortable even during the most intense games. The goggle’s adjustable straps ensure a snug and comfortable fit and foam does not squeeze the bridge of the nose. Another good feature to appreciate is that it’s wide enough to cover the sides of head, ears and good chin coverage so good for large heads.

Visibility is remarkable even with the smoked lens unlike the other tinted lenses that usually cause internal reflections and poor visibility.

How is it better from its previous model?

Low price tag than other VIO

  • Fog free
  • Lens comes out in just 5 seconds
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Good for even big head
  • Great visibility
  • Does Not squeeze your head and ears
  • May be loose for smaller heads
  • Forehead little exposed.

Top Mask #6

JT Spectra paintball mask Flex 8

JT Spectra Flex 8

The JT Spectra Flex 8, with full Head and face coverage, Thermal Paintball Goggles are a great choice for those who want a high quality paintball mask at an affordable price. They have proven to be durable, comfortable, and easily adjustable on the field. These goggles received a rating of 4.5 out of 5 and  have been reviewed by over 270 people. 

Full head coverage is the most appealing feature of this mask thus providing a great protection on the field. While playing the tournament one of our team members was hit several times over the head and face but he just felt a little knock and nothing else and even no lens crack.

It provides a great field of view of 260 degrees and is super ventilated. The best thing is that the vents are smaller than 6mm bb so no paintballs can enter into your mask.

Its build and flexibility is by far the best as compared to other masks and the numerous venting makes it more ventilated hence no fogging issue.

How is it better from its previous model?

JT Delta 2 provides 180field of view while JT Spectra provides 260 degree view.

  • Great ventilation
  • Solid build
  • No fog
  • Great filed view of 260 degrees
  • Exposed sides of the ears.  
  • Little less chin coverage 

Top Mask #7

Review E-Flex Mask

Empire E-Flex

Back in 2015, We had to go to Paintball tournament in Egypt. That’s when I needed to get a Mask that could cover whole jawline along with comfort, breathability & flexibility of course.

That’s when i heard about E-Flex by Empire, which was released back in 2012. Empire already had high a great mask in the form of E-Vent. So I ordered it and one fine evening it was at my door step.

The company took some basic features of the E-Vent model and intelligently combined exceptional features of the ProFlex.  The name itself is a combination of two ancestors E-Flex.

What i really liked is that Empire took the flexible bottom mask and comfortable spectra foam from the Proflex mask. Whereas, it got the lens, vent system,  change locks and Thermo foam earpiece from the E-Vent. Moreover, it uses original

Flexibility, Breathability & comfort!

The best thing I found in this product is its flexible bottom mask. It covers the entire jawline which is strengthened and streamlined a bit. I have tried this mask in very hot summer days, the mask has a great ventilation system to keep you breathing during the adrenaline rush. You can easily scream through those mesh.

What i really loved about it is that you can pull the meshes up and can have a bottle of water or can easily smoke without effecting the mesh.

I know the vents looks fairly big, and honestly at first i was afraid that some paint would went through. But i got shot at the face couple of time, and it was exactly the opposite of what i first expected. For some reason, none of the paint ever went through those vents to my face.

Key Features:
  • Equipped with a dual thermal lens that never fogs up and works in all weather conditions
  • The vision is clear and vivid. I tried in both winters and summers and it didn’t block my view.
  • The earpiece is comfortable and composed of thermo foam material. So like me, if you’re playing in a team and have to scream a lot, you can easily communicate wearing it.
  • Some add ons like google strap, chin strap and a variety of colors.
  • The visor is not included in the pack, which i believe is okay for the offered price.
  • You can replace the new skirt with an old skirt from another empire mask. I could easily integrate the new mask with my old mask.
  • Uses original Empire e vent lenses
  • So quick to take apart, hence the cleaning was extremely easy
  • Every component is labelled to help when you put your parts back together.
Comparison between Empire E-Flex and V-Force Grill

Having used and tested both V-Force Grill and E-Flex, here is a bit of comparison between these two. Between both, E-Flex has a better ventilation due to its reasonably big meshes. You will find it easy to hear your fellows during the game. Moreover, the lens changing system in E-Flex is far more quick and easy. You can replace the lens in a matter of minutes.

On the other hand, in V-Force, the foam isn’t the best or softest. Ventilation is good but it’s better in Empire E-flex. The echo is more in V-Force.

  • Replaceable foam 
  • Extra Wide Strap 
  • Integrated Visor
  • Breathability and comfort
  • So comfortable that you won’t feel it when its on your face
  • A bit bulky
  • Foam hot gluing could have been done better. It doesn’t look that appealing.

Top Mask #8

JT Spectra Proshield Thermal

Sweating has always been a problem for me and we usually have rain in our fields. I wanted a budget Mask as an occasional mask and this one didn’t disappoint.

JT is one of the well-renowned brands for its high-quality paintball protective gears. JT maintained its legacy even in this budget mask. I found the build of this mask very promising. Its pretty good compared to its price bracket.

This is second version of Pro shield mask. Compared to its predecessor, there’s not much change in this one. The bottom is changed a bit with a hard bottom and the ears. The bottom is hard enough to break any balls coming directly onto it, hence, the mouth would be safe.

The flexibility along the jaw piece, along with decent ventilation holes is something i really liked. For me, it didn’t fog during the rains or hot summer weather. However, a few paintball players have reported fogging issue. My complaint with this one was the hard ears, they could have been a bit better.

Visor! Firstly the visor is streamlined in JT spectra along with double paned thermal lens, which looks really nice! Definitely, it’s a different visor that sits a bit taller on the mark. The detachable visor helps to protect the lens from sun and rain. It deflects the paintballs over and up the head.

The inner foam which is a little bit thicker as compared to the old-style JT shield. I personally like the old-style foam as it keeps me airier insideHowever, this new foam is very comfortable.

For those who found the rubber bottom mask knock back on the face, when getting struck by paintball, JT spectra have a bit hard bottom to protect your face. Moreover, the ventilation holes are well-aligned and let you breathe during the game.

For its price range, i think this is one of the best mask with decent basic features.

Key Features:
  • Great vision via a 260-degree spectra lens
  • Can be used with the glasses. One of our team mate tried playing with glasses on, the vision was clear.
  • Thermal lens minimizes the issue of fogging the lens
  • Goggle system is compatible with Spectra lenses. It has many other options to upgrade the goggle system as well.
  • Appropriate ventilation 
  • Hard bottom mask but not uncomfortable 
  • Visor included in the pack
  • Takes time to change the lens
  • Hard ear system

Top Mask #9

Push Unite

With Unite, The Push brand has given a tough competition to the paintball protective gear brands to beat it in style, function and custom fit. After playing with it, in more than 8 games, i can say this is solid mask having those classy old school looks. The hard case that came with the mask can protect it really well.

Most of our team members have this complain of Masks not fitting properly on the face. However, Push acknowledged this common problem and infused the nose bridge adjustment feature to use Allen keys for alteration according to your face. We loved this feature as by just minor adjustments, every team member could adjust it according to their needs.

Due to hot weather, while running, walking, jumping and crawling, I breathe heavily which produces hot air. But the 16 nozzles in the mask, ensured proper ventilation and kept me airy. 

When i used this mask in a big tournament for more than 5 hours, I found it a bit uncomfortable .There could have been a little more padding on the ear section to make it more comfortable for wearing for long hours.

Key Features:
  • Accurate field of view.
  • Anti-fog quad-layer ensures no mist or vapor
  • Perfect fit for almost every head size.  The nose bridge adjustment system ensures a custom fit for players
  • The 16 Ventilation zones keep your lens clear and face cool. You will enjoy clear communication with the fellows. The earpieces ensure proper hearing.
  •  Eliminate hot air due to heavy breathing. You will not feel any sort of discomfort while playing.
  • Visor not included in the pack
Push Unite vs Dye i5 and Bunkerking CMD

I would say that Push Unite has resolved my listening issues. I was literally shouting at my team with Dye i5. The Push Unite paintball mask improves communication and ventilation.

In comparison with Bunkerkings CMD, I found the chin strap of CMD to get loose after using it 2 to 3 times.  The magnetic chin strap of the plush Unit is extremely easy to connect even with one hand. I haven’t faced any issue with my strap yet.

Push Unite Mask
Review of Push unite mask
  • Appropriate ventilation 
  • Hard bottom mask but not uncomfortable 
  • Visor included in the pack
  • Takes time to change the lens
  • Hard ear system

Top Mask #10

best anti fog mask

HK Army KLR Thermal Anti-Fog Mask

HK Army is another company we’ve grown to adore, and various players in the game recommend their paintball masks. Now what does this mask have to offer? 

Let’s have a look at its key features:

Thermal Lens System

The KLR Lens is thermal and fancy, protects your eyes from harmful ultraviolet and good part is that the lens was able to protect our eyes from direct sunlight in every playing condition.

The thermal lens with 3M foam really helped the mask from sweating during that adrenaline rush on the paintball field, thanks to its condensation eliminating feature.

The cool insulation quality helps even if you are playing in hot weather. We also like the colored goggles, which give a chrome-style accent. 

Safety Mechanism

The HK Army is the first to include an innovative, safe, and interchangeable lens mechanism. 

PVT lock mechanism is a game changer! We could easily switch the lens in literally 15-20  seconds in the middle of the game, putting an end to the days of scraping your mask and lens with a screwdriver before a game. 

It’s fun to swap the lenses on the field as they are available in a number of hues and finishes. 

Ear protection

The KLR Goggle provides a high-quality, compressed foam. The soft-ear gives an adequate amount of softness, but you can not keep the mask on for so long as it may start to irritate. 

Although, through our experience, the Dye I3 Pro mask is comparatively more comfortable in the foam and ear department.

3D Memory Foam

HK’s revolutionary 3D foam, which they call “tri-layer foam” means it obviously has three layers to create extra comfort for the nose and the forehead.

HD memory foam serves as the foundation layer. Then comes the next layer, which has open-cell foam which means it is flexible and adapts easily to our facial profile. Lastly, a velvet liner is merged with these foams to prevent heat from entering the mask while also absorbing sweat from the face. 

Fun fact: Extra foam for these goggles can be purchased.

Personalized Straps

A jacquard pattern is sewed into the backside of the strap. What we have noticed is that this strap functions like sticky tape when it is on your head to prevent it from sliding up or down on you as you are racing around the field. 

Since the strap’s back material is coated with anti-slip silicon, it makes the strap extremely sticky.


KLR offers a unique ventilation design to increase breathability and reduce paintball exposure. As a result, you can all breathe a lot easier and your lenses won’t fog up as much.

However, we did face some ventilation issues and noticed that our communication was echoed a bit.

  • Quickest lens change system 
  • Replaceable foam
  • Back strap grips perfectly on the head
  • Gives a stylish look on the field
  • Lightweight
  • Less ventilation makes it hard to breathe
  • Voice echo is heard
  • Ear-piece foam is not too soft

Top Mask #11

Jt premise wide vison mask

JT Premise Headshield Paintball Goggle

The JT headshield is another one that we have stress tested. It mostly covers all the factors that will make you feel protected, particularly if you’re the one who is on the field for a longer period of time. 

The best part is that it offers maximum coverage of all of your head. But wait, there’s more!

Wide Vision – We have been on a constant search for a mask that can give us a full field of vision and what is going on around us, so we came across this JT helmet, which nonetheless provides wide visibility of 260 degrees and no visual distortion, which helps in focusing on the game more efficiently without any distraction. 

Adjustable strap – What is a major turnoff while you are playing? A sloppy mask! Yes, we have also been there! JT premise has an adjustable strap that quite basically clings onto your head due to the presence of silicon. We could easily flip our heads around anywhere and it was still intact.

Protection – Considering that this mask provides full-head protection, the main concern with purchasing it was that one of our team members experienced a minor shudder while competing in a tournament. 

The chin strap is a bonus because it secures the mask in place so you have stability during the game.

The fact that it addresses every safety precaution that should be taken while playing is something we really love! 

Comfort level –  We did not experience itching or pain. Thanks to the comfy face foam, which is also hypoallergenic and just the right amount of softness. 

Additionally, it has a thermal foam around the earpiece that enhances your ability to hear everything around you and eliminates hearing loss. 

It’s literally featherweight and doesn’t make your head feel pressure, but it can surely take a paintball strike.

Lens and Foam Replacement – Because the lens is anti-fog, long matches don’t block your vision. However, it is difficult to quickly remove and replace the lens. 

In case the foam wears out due to excessive sweating, it also has a foam replacement option.

Ventilation – Although the JT mask is a full helmet, it is all snug and cozy inside. You will have great comfort throughout the game due to sufficient airflow

After playing for straight 6 hours, to our surprise, this mask did not fog. 

The hemline of the mask is soft and flexible, providing premium breathability.

All in all… JT Premise Headshield is our personal favorite because it provides complete head protection and is suitable for both beginners as well as experienced players. Plus points, it won’t break your bank either!

  • Budget-friendly option
  • Adequate for all age groups
  • Lightweight, easy to play for a long time
  • Full head coverage
  • Easy on and off
  • Easily manageable cleaning
  • Takes time to change the lens

Top Mask #12

HK Army HSTL Paintball Goggle Mask with Anti Fog Thermal Lens

HK army HSTL mask is a fantastic option for anyone searching for a high-end, reasonably priced paintball mask. It comes in two variants, a budget-friendly single pane version, and a fog-resistant thermal dual pane version. It is a good coverage mask offering great room for breathability. it is made of a sturdy thermoplastic mixture, and its design shields the user’s vital areas.

The most noticeable feature is the head strap which is unlikely to be found in a non-full head coverage goggle. Hence, going an extra mile for safety, this HSTL goggle provides this protective feature that gives a lot more support to the head than usual goggles. It helps prevent the mask from slipping down by fitting your head tightly in it. Therefore it is great for beginners. However, you can remove it from the mask if you feel uncomfortable.

The chin strap, in addition to protection, provides cushion and comfortability. Switching the lenses and removing the visor is super easy and fast. This is an amazing feature in this price range. Just swivel, rotate and be ready to rock and roll. The foam is also removable if desired. Some people say that the ear coverage is excessively high but it seems pretty cool to me.

HK army HSTL vs HK army KLR

Both are very much alike with a few marked differences. Contrary to the HK KLR, taking the lens out is much simpler in HK HSTL. The ears and jawline are fully covered by HSTL while they are slightly exposed while wearing KLR. Moreover, KLR is not as economical and comfortable to use as compared to the HSTL.

Within this price range, HK Army HSTL is a wonderful mask for a beginner or someone who wants to switch to a paintball goggle with a thermal lens.

  • Good for smaller heads
  • Not so expensive
  • Good for beginners as it doesn’t slip down while falling
  • Ventilation is excellent
  • Quick change lens and foam system
  • Straps make it so secure
  • No fogging
  • Not suitable for night play
  • Paint can seep into your mouth if you get shot in the chin
  • Ears may hurt while speaking loudly

Top Mask #13

Empire Helix Goggle Thermal Lens

The Helix Thermal Goggle is a serviceable mask that raises the bar for players’ comfort and coverage. It is a solid, durable mask with no fogging issues as it comes with a dual pane thermal lens.

The protection factor in this mask keeps it ahead of the pack. The bottom part is firm and diminishes the flex, so you don’t get many bounces off. The rubberized back strap is sturdy and keeps your head secure while playing. The foam used is pretty hard and thick but it’s long-lasting. The chin strap is soft so it doesn’t irritate or scratch the neck. It also adds to the safety and can be removed without being cut off. The sun visor provides an additional level of defense and is also removable.

The lenses are of great quality. They are optically clear and are replaceable. The thermal lens is so apt to use for extended durations as less time is spent on off-field upkeep. I have tried using it for 6 hours straight and it never even slightly fogged. I also tested it with my glasses beneath and it went perfectly well.Changing the lens is not so troublesome but it’s not the easiest either. Sometimes, while using it for long periods, it used to make my ears hurt that caused discomfort while playing. Additionally, it offers insufficient airflow, which made me become exhausted sometimes. However, having fewer holes allows less paint to splash on your face.

Empire Helix vs Empire Eflex

The most prominent difference between these two is the foam. It’s softer and supple in Eflex so you feel comfier while wearing it. Moreover, Eflex has a bit more flexible bottom which adds to the comfortability, while Helix has a harder structure. There is no visor in Eflex but Helix has one which is a plus point.

Overall, Empire Helix is among the nicest masks available for the money. Get this mask if you are a beginner who wants a decent amount of features without breaking the bank!

  • It is easy to take apart for post-game cleaning 
  • Resistant to fog
  • Cheap
  • Keeps your head secure
  • Breathability is poor
  • The field view is not so great
  • Foam is not soft 
  • The lens change system is not so quick

Top Mask #14

HK Army SLR Face Mask Goggle with Thermal Anti Fog Lens

The HK Army SLR is HK’s response to the well-liked KLR. The SLR face mask promotes good breathability, audio clarity, and freedom of movement while protecting the user’s vital areas. It is a good mask with a number of upgrades made in the KLR.

The most distinguishing feature of this mask is its ventilation system. Having larger vent holes, it offers maximum breathability. It sits further away from your mouth which allows you to breathe, and talk easily. The ventilation on the sides doesn’t allow echoing back of sound while shouting amidst the game. 

It has a 3d memory foam which snaps out easily if needed to be replaced in case it gets damaged. However, it is thicker across the nose bridge so I sometimes feel tightness over my nose while using it for a long time. The head strap has a ctx pro pad meant for providing support to the head and preventing slipping of the strap. But being bigger, it leaves little room for adjustment. The lens is the same as the ones used in KLR. Changing the lens is not so hard. The chin strap is pretty cool and its magnetic fidlock is simpler to use. The size is somewhat bigger than its previous models which adds to the comfortability. It has a single-piece rubberized bottom frame and a foam earpiece. The upgraded ear design has made it easier to hear as it is more extended at the sides. One of the issues I faced was while changing the lens, the plastic pieces caused wear and tear. They are not of good quality and may scratch the lens. Also, I don’t find the overall design of the mask so appealing. The field of vision is not so wide as the nosepiece is a little high.

HK Army SLR vs HK Army KLR

HK SLR is the upgraded version of HK KLR with several modifications. The SLR is much better ventilated as compared to KLR. The number of holes is almost equal in both but they are much bigger in SLR. Moreover, SLR is larger and is more extended over the chin than the KLR. The bottom structure is single pieced in SLR while multiple pieces are separated in KLR which sometimes creates a mess.

  • Nice ventilation
  • Has a good face coverage
  • Easy to disassemble and reassemble
  • Fog resistant
  • Does not give a great field of view
  • Not so comfortable
  • A bit rough on the face

Top Mask #14

VALKEN PAINTBALL MI-7 MASK with Dual Pane Thermal Lens

If you are looking for a comfortable and affordable mask offering all the significant features and an anti-fog thermal dual pane lens then Valken MI-7 is surely for you. It is a mid-tier mask available in a variety of colors or you can go for the printed version. 

Lightweight: If you face issues due to the heaviness on your head by your mask then this lightweight MI-7 will please you a lot. In addition to being lightweight, the plastic is sturdy and doesn’t get cracked when a paintball hits. 

Comfortability: Its thick dual-layer foam has taken the comfortability to a next level and keeps your face from hitting the plastic. The foam behind the ear placement which is rare in most full face masks provides cushioning to the ears. But I am not satisfied with it as it irritates me when it gets hot and sweaty in the summers. 

Ventilation: MI-7 offers a pretty good ventilation design to increase breathability. Most players get frustrated by the muffling of voice that occurs in cheap masks. But no worries, this mask will never hinder or tone down your voice. You can hear and speak to anyone while playing.

Secure and safe: Protection of the head while playing is the key to every player’s confidence. This mask provides several features which ensure it. The back strap keeps your head tight in the goggle. It has silicone beading that prevents it from slipping down when you get dirty all covered with paint.

The chin strap also adds to the safety and doesn’t allow the mask to fly off in case you fall. Though, it sometimes gets scratchy due to the tough texture of the fabric it is made of.

The removable visor on the top provides additional protection from glares and raindrops. But I personally don’t use it often as it makes me uncomfortable.

One of the drawbacks I experienced is that the flexibility of the mask is not much cop. Compared to a higher-end mask, its lower part has very little flex.

Dual pane lens: I faced some vision issues with my previous mask. It used to fog a lot and the field of vision was pathetic. This was also one of the reasons I bought this piece. Its dual pane thermal lens offers 260 degrees of lateral visibility and significantly reduces fogging. It may not completely eliminate the fog but it resists it nevertheless.

Valken MI-7 vs Valken MI-5

Valken MI-7 is the upgraded version of Valken MI-5. After using and testing both the masks, I may quote some of the marked differences. Between both, MI-7 is harder due to the sturdy plastic it is made of. Moreover, MI-7 has a dual pane thermal lens that is anti-fog while MI-5 has a single pane non-thermal lens. Foam is more thick and comfortable in MI-7 as compared to MI-5.

All in all, if you are looking for a full face protection mask that functions effectively without being heavy on the wallet then you definitely need to check out Valken MI-7 Mask.

  • The voice projects fairly from the mask
  • Fog resistant
  • Great coverage
  • Good visibility
  • Easy to clean
  • The foam may get sweaty
  • Not comfortable with glasses
  • There is no overhead support
  • A bit tight for large heads

Key Features To Look For In A Paintball Mask

When choosing a paintball mask, it’s important to look for features such as superior protection and coverage, comfortable and secure fit, anti-fog technology for clear vision, and wide field of view for effective gameplay.

Superior Protection And Coverage

Superior protection and coverage are crucial when selecting a paintball mask, as they ensure the safety of your face and eyes during gameplay. These masks not only provide outstanding facial shielding but also offer full head coverage for complete defense against incoming paintballs.

A key feature contributing to superior protection is lens technology with UV protection and antifog capabilities. For example, the Dye i5 has an adjustable strap system combined with foam padding inside the goggles for a comfortable fit that keeps them securely in place during intense movement on the field. Additionally, ventilation systems within these top-rated masks help prevent fogging while allowing breathability. This ensures players maintain excellent peripheral vision throughout games without feeling suffocated by their protective gear. When it comes to safeguarding yourself during paintball matches or other extreme sports activities where projectiles may come flying at you unexpectedly – like airsoft or even outdoor shooting sports – securing a top-quality mask from our top paintball mask selection can make all the difference between having fun or nursing an injury post-match!

Comfortable And Secure Fit

A comfortable and secure fit is vital for any paintball mask, as it not only enhances your overall experience but also ensures optimum safety during the game. A well-fitted mask means you can focus on your strategy and gameplay without constantly adjusting or worrying about your mask slipping off. To guarantee a perfect fit, look for masks that feature an adjustable head strap system that allows you to customize the pressure points around the circumference of your head.

High-quality foam padding inside the mask is another crucial aspect to consider in terms of comfort. Premium masks like Dye i5 or JT Spectra Flex 8 boast multiple layers of high-density foam which provide cushioning and protection while preventing sweat from clouding up the lens or causing irritation. Some top-end models even incorporate moisture-wicking materials within their padding to keep you cool during intense matches, all contributing to an enjoyable paintball experience free from distractions caused by ill-fitting equipment.

Anti-fog Technology For Clear Vision

One essential feature to consider when selecting a top-notch paintball mask is the integration of anti-fog technology for clear vision. In the midst of an intense paintball game, ensuring clear visibility is crucial for both effective gameplay and safety. A fogged-up lens can severely obstruct your view, making it difficult to strategize with your teammates or accurately target opponents. To combat this issue, many high-quality masks utilize advanced lens technology that actively prevents fogging.

For example, the Dye i5 and Empire EVS are two popular options that boast impressive anti-fog properties in their design. These masks often feature dual-pane thermal lenses which create a barrier between the inner and outer layers, minimizing condensation buildup during play. Additionally, some models incorporate ventilation systems or specialized coatings on the lens surface to further enhance breathability and reduce moisture accumulation inside the mask. By investing in a paintball mask with reliable anti-fog technology, you’ll gain a significant edge over your competitors while staying safe and comfortable throughout every match – an invaluable asset for any avid paintball fan!

Wide Field Of View For Effective Gameplay

A wide field of view is crucial for effective gameplay in paintball. It allows players to see their surroundings and anticipate movements by opponents, giving them an advantage in the game. When choosing a paintball mask, it’s important to look for one that provides a wide field of vision without sacrificing durability or protection.

The Virtue VIO Paintball Goggles are known for their exceptional peripheral vision, ensuring no blind spots during gameplay. Additionally, the Dye i5 has a large lens that provides a panoramic view of the playing field. With these masks, players can keep track of their teammates and monitor enemy movements without missing anything.

Having a clear and complete view of the playing field is essential for successful gameplay in paintball. By choosing a mask with a wide field of view like the ones mentioned above, players can increase their awareness and ultimately enhance their performance on the battlefield.

Final Thoughts And Recommendations For Choosing Your Ideal Paintball Mask

When it comes to paintball, proper protective gear is essential. And the most important piece of equipment you need is a high-quality paintball mask! With so many options on the market, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve narrowed down the best paintball masks that provide optimal performance and safety for your gameplay.

Our first recommendation is the Dye i5 – a customizable and comfortable option for all players. Its lightweight design won’t weigh you down during intense games, while its durable construction from reputable manufacturer Dye ensures long-lasting use.

Our second recommendation is the Virtue VIO Ascend – engineered specifically with paintball in mind. This sleek black mask not only looks great but also offers thermal protection for clear vision in any weather conditions. Its secure head strap guarantees comfort and stability throughout gameplay.

When choosing your ideal paintball mask, make sure to look out for features such as superior protection and coverage, anti-fog technology for clear vision, comfortable fit with adjustable straps, wide field of view for effective gameplay, and breathability to avoid discomfort during long matches.

Investing in quality protective gear should always be a priority when engaging in any extreme sport like paintball or airsoft. So don’t wait until it’s too late before getting yourself equipped with top-notch equipment like our recommended products above!


In conclusion, choosing the right paintball mask is essential for optimal performance and safety during gameplay. The top 5 masks selected in this article all meet the criteria of superior protection, comfort, anti-fog technology, wide field of view and durability.

We highly recommend the Dye i5 for its customizable color options and stable design that provides maximum comfort during gameplay. Additionally, the Virtue VIO Ascend is a great choice with its thermal protection feature ensuring clear vision in any weather conditions.

Remember to always prioritize your safety when participating in paintball games. Investing in a quality mask like these two options will not only enhance your game but also protect you from potential injuries.

Get yourself one of these recommended masks today!

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